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Enthusing Author

Post by Akiyama Yuzuki on Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:50 pm

Nature sounds, something that would annoy some and sooth others. To Yuzuki, it was a soothing sound as she walked on the path. Red eyes glance around at her surroundings, every scenery she saw of this park was beautiful. It was a tough decision on where her little workshop would be. Her long black hair flowed in the wind even while it was slightly held down by a light blue hat. The rest of her outfit consisting of a dark grey tank top and dark blue jeans with sneakers. She held a tablet in one hand while her other hand was tucked into her pocket.

She paused at a large tree near the center of the park and decided that would be the best place to relax and work. With a soft smile, she made her way to the tree. She examined the tree a little before sitting against it and opening her tablet up to about the fifteenth page. Sitting up some to the point her butt was not touching the ground, she reached for her pencil she had stuffed into her jeans pockets before she had left her dorm. Getting it free, she returns to fully sitting on the grass and presses the button to reveal the lead from the plastic mechanical pencil, placing it onto the paper and starting to continue the story she had been working on to be published as the second book of her series.
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