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Akiyama Yuzuki

Post by ★Nagishima Aoi!★ on Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:17 pm

-Character Information-
Name:(Last and then first name) Akiyama, Yuzuki
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Class: A1
Species: Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Likes: Pocky, Dogs, Writing, Video Games
Dislikes: Being in crowds, People who treat her like royalty, Spicy food, Having friends who only wants her money
Fears: Hydrophobic, Arachnephobic
Brief Bio: Yuzuki isn’t exactly shy, she just tends to be quiet and stays out of conversations. Especially if it is about things like politics. She also doesn’t talk much because she doesn’t want to accidentally let her title slip out, being the heir of a major company along with being rich. She always hated those who wanted to be her friend just because she was rich. She tends to keep an unreadable look on her face to keep her emotions under check. Though she hides her emotions from those around her, they are clear in her writing. Yuzuki spends practically all of her time writing, she even published a book that she had finished.

Hair color: Black
Hair length: About mid-back
Eye color: Red
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 97 lbs.
Feel free to post a picture or describe the appearance in a paragraph or two.

Yuzuki was born from a very wealthy family. Her parents were current presidents and owners of a large company in Japan that sold things you’d see on tv and in everyday lives; ranging from clothes to technology, the company was called “Kokoro Kaisha”. She was the eldest daughter of the Akiyama family but she didn’t want to live the lifestyle her parents had set out for her. It was why she had started writing stories. She loved stories and always wanted to be an author so she set her goal to become one and only be known by her books, not her family’s company. However that didn’t stop her parents from trying to push the company onto her and even an arranged marriage with the son of another big company. Yuzuki denied both and threatened to leave the house forever.

Her family didn’t exactly give in, they only pretended to do so and told her that they would send her to an Academy known as the Okuyijima Academy where she was told it allowed vampires and other sorts of supernatural beings. The young teen agreed to it, thinking it would be a place she could start a new life, a life away from being popular and rich.

-Romantic History-
Relationship Status: Single (However parents are still saying she is engaged due to the arranged marriage that she keeps denying)
Current partner: None
Last relationship: None
Love interest: None

Roleplay Sample:
Yuzuki sighed heavily as she spun her pencil around the thumb of her right hand. Her red gaze focused on the paper in front of her, another story she was working on. Her left elbow propped onto the desk, she rested her head against her hand as she tried to think of good ideas for the story. None were coming to mind. She only had one person to blame for her current writer’s block, her mother. Placing the pencil down, she moves her hand up to her face to tuck a few strands of her dark hair behind her ear. Her focus shifts to the window she sat next to, thinking back on her mother’s words.

“Yuzuki, great news! The boy we have made an arrangement for you to get married to would like to invite you out on a date! You cannot deny this request this time around, dear. This is important for the company, for your future!” Her mother had told her. Yuzuki had tried multiple times to deny it anyway but the first time her mother hung up on her, the other times she ignored each call. She even tried calling Sora, the man whom she was supposedly engaged to, but even he wouldn’t answer her calls. It was no use, they wanted this to happen. She tried cancelling the marriage several hundred times before, each time was a failure.

“Oka-sama, how many times must I tell you I do not wish to inherit the company? Give it to Chiako or Tatsumi.” Yuzuki would always tell her mother every day she’d see her which actually wasn’t very often. She never got to see her father either. He was off in China, making the company even bigger there while her mother stayed in Japan to deal with the company here, but she was usually in a different city than their home. Or primary home is a better word. Returning to reality as the door opened, the raven haired vampire turned her attention to the teacher as he walked in and went to start class as usual. She’s been here for at least two weeks already and it seemed her “new life” was practically being put on hold because her “old life” kept crawling in through the cracks.
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