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Nagashima Aoi

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-Character Information-
Name:Nagishima Aoi
Species:Human being
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Likes: Strawberry flavored sweets, Animals, Sketching, and making tea.
Dislikes:Thunderstorms, Bugs, ghosts, Spicy foods, or bullies.
Fears:Thunderstorms and bugs
Brief Bio: Where to begin. Aoi is timid and shy, especially around new people and especially cute boys. She is very innocent and even naive. Aoi is a firm believer in love at first sight. She gets easily flustered and embarrassed, often stuttering in certain situations. Aoi is often teased because of how quiet and innocent she truly is and is self-conscious about her small chest size. Which she also gets teased about.

Aoi is easily startled and often hides her real emotions behind a smile. It is rare to see Aoi ever frown. She is usually seen smiling and laughing. Looking at the positive in every situation. Keeping her feelings hidden from Chisaki and Yuuki. Yet, Aoi is a lonely girl inside. Sad even. She would never let it show.

Hair color:Chestnut brown
Hair length:Shoulders and collarbone
Eye color:Auburn

Aoi was raised by her older sister Nao, whom works as a nurse at the local hospital. Usually working night and leaving Aoi home alone. Aoi also has an older brother Keirou, who is taking college in America. As a child, Aoi had long hair, but cut it off once her parents died in a car accident. This left her in the hands of her sister. Aoi met Chisaki in middle school, in which the girl stuck up for Aoi when she was being bullied. This drew Aoi closer to Chisaki and she befriended Yuuki after she shared her strawberry cream cake with her.

Aoi is a very loyal friend and would do anything for them. She is very affectionate towards small or wounded animals. This is shown when she saves a cat from a group of abusers..
She later then adopts the cat and names Him Toki-Kun.

Aoi is startled one day by a mysterious man in a purple trench coat and a red hat. He had the amber eyes of a cat and pointy elf ears. This man referred to himself as Headmaster Toruhi Yujinaru of Okuyijima Academy. He offers her a place in the Academy. And Aoi decides to take it, with the information that there would be supernatural beings attending as well. She would then leave with Headmaster. And so her journey begins at Okuyijima Academy.

-Romantic History-
Relationship Status:Single
Current partner:None
Last relationship:None
Love interest:None

Roleplay Sample:
A gentle sigh escaped from the girl's lips. Nerves were getting the best of her. Aoi was anxious to see what Okuyijima Academy was really like. It sure sounded interesting when Toruhi described it. She never knew beings like demons and vampires actually existed. From the novels she read they were terrifying and blood thirsty. Some even menacing. She had quickly learned at Toruhi was a demon himself. Yet, he looked so warm and kind by the smile he wore. With hands resting in her lap, she watched as the limo passed over the cement bridge and delivered the most stunning view of the ocean.

It was so blue...Like you would expect it to be. The purest and cleanest blue imaginable. Finally, the gates were opening that lead into the nearly private city of Seijirou Japan. THe population was few. This city had mostly consisted of students from Okuyijima. Almost as if it were just built for them. Aoi's eyes widened in pure surprise and awe."Wow.."She thought it to be a dream. It seemed to fantastic and beautiful to be real. Students were hanging out by the cafe', mall, and park. She simply couldn't believe her eyes. "I-Is this real, Toruhi-Senpai?"She questioned the man across from her. Who offered, but just a nod.

This was going to be her new life and she was excited about it.
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