The rules of Okuyijima Academy

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The rules of Okuyijima Academy

Post by ★Nagishima Aoi!★ on Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:03 am

These rules are simple and on point.
Any student to disobey orders will be suspended immediately.
There is no tolerance for ill behavior. Now to the rules at hand.
1.Any supernatural being such as Demons or vampires may never drink from a human being or any other being. It is dangerous.
2.You must be in your dorm by 10 pm. No exceptions.
3. All students must be on time. You probably won't get expelled, but you will have double the homework.
4.Everybody needs to get along. Which means any harassment of any kind may end you under dorm arrest. So be careful.

We expect these rules to be obeyed and followed as given.
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