Welcome to Okuyijima Academy.

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Welcome to Okuyijima Academy.

Post by ★Nagishima Aoi!★ on Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:57 pm

Okuyijima Academy is a school with a purpose to bring supernatural beings and humans to live together in harmony. We here at Okuyijima are firm believers that Supernatural beings and non-supernatural beings can co-exist without any problems. However, this is not obtained without rules of course. Life is life and it should be handled delicately. Okuyijima is also the only school in Seijirou Japan.

This story takes place in Seijirou Japan, specifically Okuyijima Academy. This school is very clear that they demand having both supernatural beings and human beings together as students. Very welcoming to any species and race. The classes are divided into 4 groups. Depending on how many years the students have attended. Class A1 is specifically for freshman students. B2 Sophomores. C3 juniors. And finally, D4 for seniors. The classes are all a mixture of different beings.

The students are also placed in separate dorm rooms. Two to a room. Boys dorms are on one side of the Academy and girls on the other. Easier to monitor that way.

Please read the rules of Okuyijima Academy. They are very important and must be followed.
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